The Trip Boutique

Tailored travel itineraries.
The Trip Boutique






App description:

Trip Boutique, an AI powered service, creates highly personalized travel plans for DMOs and travel brands. The platform, which combines AI and local knowledge, offers customized experiences tailored to the interests, budget, style and preferences of individual travelers.
The Key Features
Travel itineraries that are hyper-personalized: Create customized experiences that meet the needs, budget, and style of each traveler.
AI-enabled Recommendation Engine : Finds best options for travelers from a database of destinations that has been curated, thus saving time and energy.
Simple Itinerary Builder: Provides easy-to-use tools to create personalized itinerary tailored to the tastes and interests of travelers.
Mobile App for In-Destination Bookings: Book on the move, bypass crowded tourist attractions, and navigate with ease.
Travel industry stakeholders can benefit from actionable insights and data on consumer preferences.
Examples of Use:
DMOs/CVBs that wish to offer personalized itineraries of their destination.
Travel brands and OTAs that want to provide hyper-personalized services to their clients.
Customized itineraries are a way for hotels/resorts to improve the travel experience of their guests.
Tour operators and travel agents who want to offer their customers a tailored itinerary.
Airline/rail companies are interested in providing personalized travel advice.
Partners in travel-tech looking to incorporate AI-powered solutions for planning trips into their platforms.
Trip Boutique, an AI platform powered by Google and Microsoft, transforms the travel planning process. It creates hyper-personalized itinerary based on personal preferences.




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