The New Black

Experimented with variations for fashion design.
The New Black




App description:

New Black, an AI-powered design tool that helps designers create unique clothes more quickly.
The Key Features
You can choose from a variety of clothing items, such as jackets and coats. Also, you will find shoes, bags, and backpacks.
Create multiple designs and experiment with variations.
3D rendering capabilities: This allows you to visualize designs and identify potential flaws.
Sharing and collaboration: You can share your designs with others through the Creator panel.
Get inspired by popular designs: Take inspiration from the most recent and trending design showcased in our platform.
Get free credits when you sign up for the platform.
Examples of Use:
Explore a wide range of clothes types to create unique, stand-out designs.
3D visualization can be used to refine and identify potential flaws in the design before it is finalized.
Share and collaborate with other designers to get new inspirations and ideas.
Get inspired by popular designs on the platform.
AI technology can help you save time while generating more ideas.
The New Black will help you unleash your creative side and create unique designs. Join today and get access to a variety of clothing styles, rendering abilities, and collaborative features.




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