The Interview

Evaluation and comparison of job candidates.
The Interview




App description:

The Interview simplifies recruitment for businesses by allowing them create custom job descriptions and interview questions. Candidate can be evaluated by recording asynchronous videos. Platform includes mobile and rating features to allow candidates to review their performance. GDPR compliance is also ensured.
The Key Features
Customized Job Postings: Create customized job postings to attract the best candidates.
Video Asynchronous Interviews: Candidates can record their video answers to the interview questions. This saves time, and allows for a more detailed evaluation.
Use the rating system to compare and contrast candidates on their qualifications, skills and responses.
Mobile Features: You can review candidate responses on your mobile device and take hiring decisions, which ensures flexibility.
GDPR compliance: Adhere to the data protection laws with practices that are GDPR compliant and ethical handling of data.
Secure Authentication. Use a method of authentication that is unique and eliminates passwords. This will enhance security.
Data security: Distribute data over multiple nodes for a reduced risk of data breaches.
Examples of Use:
Video interviews can be used to evaluate the skills and qualifications of candidates.
Make informed hiring decisions by comparing candidate responses and ratings.
Use the mobile feature to access candidate data and interview results on-the-go.
The Interview helps companies optimize their hiring process by attracting the best talent, and by making informed, efficient decisions.




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