Teleport Assist

AI-powered assistant to help you with tedious DevOps tasks
Teleport Assist






App description:

Teleport Assist, an AI assistant powered by Teleport’s Open Infrastructure Access Platform, helps users perform DevOps-related tasks. The tool generates scripts and commands, provides troubleshooting information, and gives infrastructure details in order to enhance DevOps processes.
The Key Features
AI-Powered Assist: Teleport Assist creates scripts and troubleshooting instructions based on the infrastructure of the user.
Command Generation: The assistant interprets natural language and generates commands to answer common infrastructure-related questions.
The user can decide whether or not to execute the generated commands on the target infrastructure.
Teleport Assist provides wide DevOps coverage. It covers SSH, database, applications on Windows, databases and Kubernetes.
Platform Comprehensive: Teleport’s Open Infrastructure Access Platform includes a number of features including assistance functionality, control over access, session and audit recordings and passwordless login.
Examples of Use:
DevOps Professionals looking to automate and streamline their workflows.
Teams that work with a complex infrastructure, including SSH, Kubernetes and Windows Applications.
Industries like e-commerce and entertainment as well as financial services or SaaS providers have specific infrastructure needs.
DevOps is a popular choice for organizations looking to improve their security, compliance, and access control.
Teleport Assist empowers DevOps professionals and teams by using AI to enhance and simplify their workflows.

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