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App description:

Automate your customer service operations using AI. AI automates the resolution of common issues, tags and prioritizes tickets, as well as routing them. You can improve your customer service process by utilizing a customized AI that is tailored to the needs of your business.
The Key Features
Automated customer service: Implement a customized AI solution to handle the most common cases of customers, automatically resolving their FAQs.
Ticket Prioritization and Tagging: Tag and prioritize tickets automatically based on their topics and importance. This will ensure faster response times.
Cost optimization: By automating the solution of questions that are asked repeatedly and have similar responses, your agents can focus their attention on complex problems.
AI Contextual Training: Improve the AI's effectiveness by training it using data from past events, routing behaviors, and contexts specific to your business.
Monitor and Analyze: Get valuable insight into the email and ticket processing processes with detailed dashboards. This will enable continuous improvement.
File Routing and Detection: Predict, prioritise, and route files based on their type, allowing for a more efficient support system.
Examples of Use:
* Automated ticket handling: Allow the AI to handle common issues, and have agents specialize in more complex cases.
* Cost reduction: Reduce the ticket cost by automating responses to frequently asked questions. This will reduce agent work and optimize workload.
* Prioritized response: Use topic-based priority to make sure the most critical tickets are attended promptly.
* Improve your efficiency by monitoring and analysing all of your operations with comprehensive dashboards.
* File-based support streamlined: Automatically identify and route documents, increasing scalability in the handling of file-related queries.
AI-driven automation can help you improve customer service and productivity, reduce costs, as well as lower your operating expenses.

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