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App description:

AI Resume Builder, a free online tool which uses GPT and AI technology to help users create professional resumes quickly and easily. The tool offers a complete solution to resume creation, including AI-generated summary, achievements and cover letters that are tailored to your job description. It also provides access to professional templates and feedback on how to improve certain parts of the resume.

AI Resume creation: Upload your existing resume and LinkedIn profile for a quick professional resume.
Four simple templates are available, making it possible to easily create multiple versions of your resume.
You can download resumes in the PDF format to share and print them.
AI-Generated content: This tool generates professional summaries and achievements as well as cover letters that are tailored to the job descriptions.
Get real-time feedback on your resume and get expert advice.
Matching resumes: You can match your resumes to the job description to make sure they are in line with specific requirements.
Teal Resume Builder allows users to create and export an unlimited number of resumes.
AI Cover Letter Maker: This tool merges the user's CV and job description into a personalized cover letter to be used for every job application.
Other features of Career Enhancement include: Job tracking, resume samples, LinkedIn profile reviews, contact tracker and company tracker. Work styles assessments, a career hub, with resources and free content for job seekers.
Premium Features: This version includes unlimited keywords insights, advanced analysis insights and AI usage in resume accomplishments, professional summaries and cover letters.
Examples of Use:
Job Seekers : Ideal for those who need to quickly create professional resumes with ATS friendly templates.
Multi-Resumes: Users can create multiple versions of their CVs to suit different applications. They can also organize their entire resume library in one location and sync changes across all resumes.
Improve the resume's quality by using AI generated content such as summary and achievements.
Cover Letter Generation: AI Cover Letter Generator allows users to create personalized cover letters for every job application.
Job Tracking and LinkedIn Profile Review are included in the Career Enhancement features to help you grow your career.
Free AI Resume Maker is an innovative tool which uses GPT and AI technology to enhance and simplify the process of creating a resume.

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