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App description:

TalkbackAI, an AI-based software tool for businesses to improve their reputation online by responding and managing Google reviews. This tool automates review responses, and generates personalized replies that respond to customer concerns in a way that maintains the brand's tone.
The Key Features
Automated Reviews Responses: TalkbackAI creates customized responses to Google review, which address customer concerns while maintaining the brand's style and tone.
Efficient Management of Reviews: This tool automates review responses, saving time and energy for businesses while providing timely and personal responses.
TalkbackAI's insights and feedback summaries help businesses gain insight and improve their business.
TalkbackAI's efficient review management can result in cost savings by optimizing business resources.
TalkbackAI's Chrome Extension provides businesses with an easy and effective way to respond and manage Google Reviews.
Examples of Use:
Google Reviews: How to Manage and Respond Effectively to Google Reviews
Businesses that want to build their reputation online and gain trust from customers.
Organisations that want to maximize their review management resources.
Brands are focusing on increasing customer satisfaction through personal responses.
TalkbackAI, a tool powered by AI that streamlines the management of reviews and responses for business.

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