Transforms feedback surveys by using an AI bot to collect customer feedback through text messages and WhatsApp, resulting in significantly higher submission rates.




App description:

Tabnam is a revolutionary solution for feedback surveys that uses AI to collect data. Tabnam increases engagement by utilizing the ease of sending text messages or WhatsApp and provides valuable insight for various uses.
The Key Features
AI-Driven Collection of Feedback: AI bots that communicate with clients via text message and WhatsApp replace traditional survey methods, increasing engagement and response rates.
Multichannel Aggregation : Collects customer feedback and insights across multiple channels.
Enhance Customer Success: Up to 30x higher response rate on customer feedback surveys. This ensures that no concerns of customers are overlooked.
Fast Market Research: Allows for rapid surveys of large client bases, providing insights in minutes instead of weeks.
Streamlined product management: Gathers issues from platforms such as GitHub and Zendesk to provide quick insights into roadmap priorities.
Real-time quality assurance: Uses timed survey to track customer experience in real-time and improves the practices of quality assurance.
Examples of Use:
Customer Engagement: Increases response rates to comprehensive feedback from customers, increasing customer satisfaction and engagement.
Market Insights - Offers fast and efficient research on the market by obtaining insights from customers in just a fraction time.
Product Roadmap prioritization provides valuable feedback to product managers, and ensures informed strategic planning.
Quality Assurance (QA): Monitoring customer experience in real time allows for quick responses to improve quality.
Startup Acceleration - Helps startup founders collect feedback more efficiently, speeding up the process to achieve product-market fit.
Tabnam, a revolutionary AI tool, disrupts the traditional feedback survey by providing efficiency, engagement and actionable insight through innovative AI methods. Tabnam's ability to reach customers in the places they feel most comfortable allows for better customer experience and more strategic decisions.

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