Synthesizer V

Synthesizer V is a vocal synthesizer developed by Dreamtonics.
Synthesizer V




App description:

Synthesizer, created by Dreamtonics is an AI synthesizer which has revolutionized music production. The user can create singing vocals that are lifelike, responsive and realistic without needing a singer.
The Key Features
AI-Powered Voice Synthesis Synthesizer uses AI technology to produce lifelike, responsive vocals.
This tool supports English, Japanese and Chinese.
You can customize your vocal style by choosing from chest, breathy, or belt modes.
AI Retakes: AI outputs isolated aspirations and retakes are used to refine vocal performances.
Synthesizer V Studio - This version allows users to input lyrics and import MIDIs, as well as integrate VST3 interfaces and AudioUnit.
Pro Version Features: Unlimited tracks, customizable AI pitch generation and enhanced control are all features of the Pro version.
Examples of Use:
Music Production: Synthesizer V will change the game for music producers and musicians who want to produce realistic vocal tracks.
Multilingual Projects - The multi-language feature of the tool is perfect for projects that require vocals in different languages.
The AI-powered Synthesizer V from Dreamtonics has revolutionized the music industry by providing users with the ability to create expressive and lifelike singing vocals even without the use of a singer. Synthesizer's customizable vocal features, dynamic capabilities, and compatibility across various interfaces make it a great choice for musicians and artists looking for a versatile and innovative vocal synthesis tool.

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