Synthesis Youtube

Web-based video segment search engine for podcasts.
Synthesis Youtube




App description:

Synthesis YouTube, a web application created with create-react app to help learners find relevant videos from podcasts they enjoy. This tool provides a search interface which allows the user to simultaneously search two podcast channels.
The Key Features
Users can search for up to 2 podcasts simultaneously.
Video Segment Reccommendations: This feature generates relevant videos based on your search query.
Sample Queries: This section provides sample queries that will help users understand the search process.
Easy to Use Interface: This interface is simple, intuitive and allows for quick navigation.
Save time: Eliminates the need for learners to manually browse through podcasts in search of relevant content.
Explore: This feature allows users to discover different podcasts through a list of the most popular ones.
Examples of Use:
Those who wish to find video clips from podcasts that are relevant for their learning needs.
The time-saving benefits of a quick and efficient way to access valuable information without having to perform extensive searches.
Who would like to discover different video segments and podcasts.
Users that prefer an intuitive interface to search with.
Synthesis YouTube can be a helpful tool for students who are looking for video clips from their podcasts.




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