Swipes AI

Swipes AI is an AI-based tool specifically designed to help individuals using Tinder to get more swipes.
Swipes AI




App description:

Swipes AI, an AI-powered dating tool that optimizes users' experience online, is a new and innovative AI. Uploading their own photo, users unlock 10 unique style options that enhance the appearance of potential dates.
The Key Features
AI-Powered Analysis: AI uses technology to analyze uploaded photos and suggests customized styles.
Enhance Appearance - Offers more than 10 styles unique to improve the appearance of users and draw attention.
Increased Swipe Potentail: Increases the chances that users will receive more swipes, and connect with potential matches.
For added security, users are required to confirm their emails.
Privacy policy and terms of service: Provides policies that protect data while ensuring user agreement.
Examples of Use:
Users of Tinder who want to improve their online dating experiences.
Individuals who want to improve their looks and attract potential partners.
Online daters who want to use AI technology for their profiles.
Privacy policies and Terms of Service are important to users who value their data.
SwipesAI empowers the user to maximize his or her chances of dating success by presenting themselves in the most flattering light.

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