Chat interface for natural language generation.




App description:

SwiftGPT.app, a macOS native app, offers an intuitive and quick ChatGPT experience (Generative Pretrained Transformer). The app provides a chat interface that is easy to use for users who want to interact with OpenAI conversational AI.
The Key Features
MacOS native app: Get a ChatGPT-optimized experience with your macOS device.
User-Friendly Interface: Chat with OpenAI’s Conversational AI in a chat-like interface.
You can access and review previous conversations to better understand the context of a conversation.
Cost tracking: Track individual costs and the total cost of ChatGPT.
App interface can be customized using light and dark themes.
Customizable using Own API Key : Use your API key to customize the ChatGPT to suit your needs.
Examples of Use:
Users of macOS who wish to enjoy a seamless and optimized ChatGPT on their device.
OpenAI Conversational AI is a chat tool that allows users to have a conversation with an intelligent assistant.
Those who need to easily access conversation histories for retrieving context and information.
Who are interested in tracking and monitoring their ChatGPT expenses?
Users of macOS who like to customize their interfaces using light or dark themes.
Those who wish to personalize their chatGPT experience using their API keys.
SwiftGPT.app is a MacOS app that provides users with an enhanced ChatGPT experience.

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