Supertone is an AI audio tech startup specializing in expressive singing/speech synthesis, original voice design, and speech enhancement.




App description:

Supertone, a leader in AI-based audio technology, has revolutionized expressive singing/speech synthesizing, voice enhancement, and original voice design. Supertone's proprietary technology allows creators to overcome the limits of content creation, and produce hyperrealistic results.
The Key Features
Voice Gene Designer: Clone or create existing voices. Or, find the voice that best matches a character.
Voice Content Creator is a workstation that allows you to create singing and dialog content with Voice Genes.
Convert any voice to the voice you want in real-time.
Real-Time Audio Separator: An audio plugin that separates voices in noisy environments or those with reverberation.
AI-based technology that can sing in response to melody, lyrics and expressive performances.
Convert your voice to the one you want with Controllable voice Conversion.
Awards and Recognition: Awarded the CES Innovation Awards 2022 and NeurIPS recognition 2021.
Examples of Use:
Music Production: You can create music using any voice you choose, which will enhance your creativity and expression.
Audio Separation in Video Production allows for unlimited possibilities of character voice choices.
Game Design: Improve gaming experience through character creation, voice dubbing and universe creation.
Create audio content in many different domains including TV, film, podcasts and more.
Supertone’s AI-powered audio tools have revolutionized the industry. Supertone's AI-powered tools empower creators in the audio industry to achieve realistic and expressive outcomes in projects, whether they are in video or music.




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