The AI copilot for your meetings




App description:

The Superpowered AI tool is a new AI innovation that was designed specifically to increase productivity in business meetings. The tool offers high-quality notes without recording or using bots.
The Key Features
AI-Generated Notes for Meetings: Generate meeting notes of high quality from recordings, without having to rely on bots or recordings.
AI Templates: Download templates for various types of meetings, ensuring comprehensive note taking.
Conversational AI assistant: Talk to an AI assistant who understands the context of meetings and helps you create notes.
Platform compatibility: support for the most popular platforms of meeting, such as Zoom, Team, Webex, and Meet.
Calendar Integration: Seamlessly integrated with Google and Outlook for better scheduling and organisation.
Support in Over 40 Languages: This caters to the diverse needs of our users.
Privacy and security: GDPR and SOC-2 Type-2 compliance for user data protection.
Examples of Use:
Business professionals and executives who want to improve productivity during meetings and simplify note-taking.
Sales representatives making sales calls, and looking for comprehensive notes that will support their selling process.
For effective decision making, interviewers need to take accurate notes during meetings.
The AI-powered tool Superpowered helps individuals and groups optimize meeting productivity, and take accurate notes.

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