SplashAI is a powerful tool that combines a Figma plugin, search engine, and AI image generator to help designers generate ideas quickly and efficiently.




App description:

SplashAI, a multi-purpose tool for idea generation by designers, is designed to simplify the process. It is a Figma plug-in, search engine and AI image creator that provides an integrated solution to find inspiration and generate ideas.
The Key Features
Figma Plugin: Seamlessly integrates with Figma to provide a unified experience.
Use the search engine to find millions of images created by designers.
AI Image Generator: Create custom images using keywords or design specifications.
Efficient Idea Generating: Simplify the process to generate design ideas efficiently and quickly.
Exploring a large library of images, and leveraging AI to create unique visuals is the key to endless creative possibilities.
SplashAI features allow you to stay within Figma while using its functionality.
Over 3,000 designers trust and use Positive Community.
Figma offers a free trial.
SplashAI is on Twitter. Follow them for community updates.
Examples of Use:
Designers looking for inspiration and ideas to help them with their project.
Professionals who want to save time and streamline their idea generation processes.
Visual inspiration is needed by designers of all disciplines.
Design teams collaborating and looking for a tool to generate ideas.
SplashAI offers designers a powerful tool that combines a Figma search engine with an AI image generator. Designers can use its features to enhance creativity, generate ideas, and find inspiration.

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