Chat with complex technical documents and get the answers you need.




App description:

SpinDoc, an AI chatbot that simplifies your technical documentation work. The chatbot extracts the information you need from technical manuals. You can search and query to get answers immediately.
The Key Features
SpinDoc has been designed to efficiently handle large files. You can easily upload and search for large files.
Cross-File search: With our chatbot, you can simultaneously search for and query several technical documents. This eliminates the need to manually cross-reference and saves valuable time.
Accurate answers: we prioritize accuracy and reliability. Our AI-powered bot will tell you the truth if it can't provide a certain answer.
SpinDoc has been designed to be intuitive and simple. The chatbot is easy to use for non-technical people, and it has powerful features.
There are different teams that can benefit from this.
Maintainance Teams: Give your teams the answers they need quickly and accurately by extracting them from technical manuals. SpinDoc speeds up maintenance, making it more efficient and effective.
Engineers, access the information needed to quickly make an informed decision. The chatbot will cross-reference multiple technical manuals to provide you the data needed for better decisions.
Customer Service: Provide exceptional customer support by responding quickly and accurately to queries from customers. SpinDoc’s AI-powered Chatbot will ensure that your customers receive the help they require promptly.
SpinDoc’s chatbot is a powerful tool that will help you work more efficiently. Simplify the workload of your team, improve their efficiency, and access information quickly. AI can transform the way you manage technical documents. SpinDoc will revolutionize the way you approach complex technical documentation.




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