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App description:

Speedy, a digital marketing tool for content creation and distribution on social media and blogs optimized for SEO, helps businesses to enhance their presence online and attract targeted visitors through curated content and blog posts.
The Key Features
Speedy creates blog posts optimized for search engine results, and helps businesses attract targeted traffic to websites.
Price flexibility: Provides a variety of package options as well as custom plans that cater to the needs of different businesses.
Creates social media posts, blog content, and curated blogs for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
Editability: Users can edit generated content in order to align it with their preferences and brand.
AI-Powered Solutions: AI technologies are used to provide high-quality, targeted content for businesses.
Customer support: Provides assistance and customer service for privacy policies, cookie policy, terms of service, and other inquiries.
Examples of Use:
Business looking to increase their targeted traffic and enhance online presence.
Search engine optimization (SEO) optimized blog posts can help companies improve their rankings.
Brands that need social media content to engage their audience and drive traffic to their websites.
Speedy offers businesses a complete digital content marketing service, including SEO optimized blog posts as well as curated content for social media.




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