Soon is a fully automated crypto investing tool that takes the stress out of speculating by using dollar-cost averaging to invest in cryptocurrency.






App description:

Soon is an innovative platform that has revolutionized the way cryptocurrency users invest. Soon uses dollar-cost average and automation to eliminate the need for users make speculations on the best time to buy or to sell.
The Key Features
Automated crypto investing: This method uses dollar cost averaging in order to invest without stress.
Standard Portfolio: This portfolio is predetermined, which saves users the time of extensive research.
Micro-Opportunity Strategie: Uses short-term volatility in order to achieve smaller gains, more often.
Selling highest profits to ensure liquidity.
Tax Stash: A portion of the gains is set aside to pay capital gains tax for users.
Safe Custody : Follows a strict policy of 1-1 custody, and stores assets only in the US.
Easy to use interface: This is designed for novice and experienced investors.
Compliance and Ethics: Complies with all regulations and puts user security first.
Examples of Use:
Individuals that want to invest without worrying about timing the markets.
A standard portfolio is a good option for users who are looking to simplify their crypto investment.
Investors who are interested in capitalizing on short-term fluctuations for small, but frequent gains.
People who are looking for a solution that automates the handling of transactions, taxes and custody.
Crypto investors who place a high priority on security, compliance and ethical standards.
With a simple strategy and features that automate the process, Soon allows users to easily invest in cryptocurrency. Soon helps individuals grow their cryptocurrency investments by eliminating the need to make speculative decisions. This saves them time and energy. Soon is a trusted and streamlined solution to crypto investment. It focuses on user experience, security and compliance.

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