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Embed ChatGPT in your website with Social Intents.
Social Intents




App description:

It is possible to use Social Intents as a live chat application from within the existing messaging software you are already using in your business, like Microsoft Teams, Slack or Zoom. Social Intents, which has over 75,000 clients, helps companies grow through real-time support for customers and more online sales. Its features include:
Keep your customers happy. Provide live customer service directly via messaging software, without having to learn any additional software.
Increase revenue by engaging potential clients when they ask for your assistance, closing more sales and increasing online revenue.
Social Intents is a powerful tool that helps companies to engage their customers, website visitors and other stakeholders. It's easy to set up and deploy.
Customizable Chat widget: pre-chat surveys (surveys), quick responses, proactive chat invitations, targeting rules and many customization options.
No per-agent pricing for unlimited team members.
Third-party integrations: Integrate your lead, tickets and transcripts with your CRM, ticketing and lead system.
In three simple steps you can embed the Live Chat snippet onto your website and begin having conversations directly with visitors using the same tools that you use at work.

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