Silly Times

Silly Times App is a drawing app that offers a fun and creative platform for users of all ages
Silly Times






App description:

Silly Times App is a drawing application developed by ELBOAI that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to unlock users' creativity. Silly Times app is a great platform to express your creativity, whether you are a kid exploring their artistic side or a grown-up looking for an interactive and fun drawing experience.
The Key Features
AI-Powered Drawing: Uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create unique images from user sketches.
The Magic Wand Button transforms the user's drawings into AI generated interpretations by pressing a button.
AI-Generated Image Editing Tools: These tools allow you to edit the AI generated images and make them more personalized.
Easy-to-Use Interface: This interface is designed for all users, regardless of age.
Privacy-Oriented : Only anonymous analytics data is collected, protecting user privacy.
You can download the app for free and create unlimited designs.
Examples of Use:
Drawing is a great activity for children and adults who want to have a good time.
Look for unique and inspiring interpretations to your sketches.
People who want to discover the potential creative applications of AI.
Anybody looking for a drawing application that is easy to use and inspires creativity.
The Silly Times app powered by ELBO AI opens a whole new world of fun and creativity with its AI drawing abilities. Silly Times App will delight and surprise you whether you are sketching or doodling.

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