Silly Robot Cards

Customized greeting card design with unique touch.
Silly Robot Cards




App description:

Silly Robot Cards, an AI-powered application that lets users create their own personalized greeting cards with photos of themselves, is a tool powered by AI. Users can choose from a range of AI-generated designs and customize the interior of their cards with personal messages. Cards are made from sustainably-sourced wood or paper and printed with waterbased inks. Shipping options include both within the country and abroad.
The Key Features
AI-Generated Cards: Over 80 card designs unique generated by AI.
Personalize the Inside of the Card with Messages and Photos: Users can upload photos to the card and personalize the message inside.
Sustainability Materials: Use water-based inks to print cards using sustainably sourced wood or paper.
Send personalized cards with domestic or international shipping.
Security and Privacy: Removes images within 30 days of uploading to protect data.
Examples of Use:
Individuals who want to make personalized cards with their photos.
People looking for unique AI-generated cards to celebrate special occasions.
People who are looking for eco-friendly greeting cards made from sustainable materials.
Customers who want to customize their cards and add personal messages.
Anybody who wants to send their loved ones personalized cards both locally and internationally.
Silly Robot Cards, an AI-powered program that allows users to customize greeting cards using their photos.

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