Sidekick AI

Sidekick AI is a scheduling software designed to make the process of scheduling meetings easier and more efficient
Sidekick AI




App description:

The advanced software Sidekick AI uses AI to automate the scheduling of meetings. The software is easy to use, making it a great tool for teams and individuals.
The Key Features
AI-Powered Scheduler: Uses AI, language processing and other technologies to schedule efficiently.
There are multiple scheduling options: Scheduling pages, Sidekick Scheduling, and Forward to Schedule.
Integrate with popular tools: Connects seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and Google Calendars.
Schedule multiple members of a team using Team Pages.
Removing branding: Option to pay for the removal of Sidekick AI's branding during scheduling.
Send reminders before scheduled meetings.
Automated calendar events: Creates meetings automatically in the calendar.
All participants are invited to a meeting.
Sidekick AI automates tasks such as sending meeting reminders, creating events on the calendar, and sending invitations to meetings. This reduces the amount of work typically involved in scheduling meetings. Sidekick AI will handle the logistics so you can concentrate on being productive and getting the most out of your time.
Examples of Use:
Personal Meetings: Conveniently and easily schedule one-on-one sessions.
Schedule Meetings for Clients - Use the Scheduling pages to make it easy for clients to book specific meetings.
Use Team Pages to coordinate team meetings with partners.
Integration with Popular Tools: Integrate Microsoft Teams, Google Calendars and other tools to enhance productivity.
Scheduling meetings is now easier and more efficient.
Sidekick AI will streamline your meeting schedule, increase productivity and improve time management, whether you are an individual or a member of a group. Sidekick AI's AI capabilities and intuitive interface make it a great tool for scheduling.

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