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Shot Rate




App description:

Shot Rate, an AI-based tool designed for ecommerce companies, generates endless variations of images. The tool uses an AI model that is trained using the original product images of users to produce unique, high-quality visuals.
The Key Features
Custom AI Model: Based on original images of the product, Shot Rate creates a customized AI model.
AI Model Generates Unlimited Variations of Product Images: Based on any prompt, the AI model can generate unlimited variations.
Use the images for social media posts, advertising, or other marketing material.
Quick Results: Within 20 minutes users can train a customized AI model, giving them access to fresh images.
Shot Rate is a credit-based operation, which allows for flexibility and control in image creation.
Examples of Use:
Businesses that sell online and want to create images of their products.
Digital marketers and social media managers are constantly looking for new and attractive product images to use on their platforms.
Optimizing product listing to attract customers is a goal of online retailers.
Startups and small businesses that are looking for an affordable solution to create high-quality visuals of their products.
Many industries including electronics, fashion, home décor, and others require flexible image-generation capabilities.
Shot Rate helps online retailers improve product photos and increase sales.




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