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App description:

Shortify, an AI-based tool, is designed to help users save time and summarize various types of content. This includes articles, YouTube videos or blogs. Shortify allows users to quickly get brief summaries for lengthy material, making it easy to understand the main points, without having spent too much time reading and watching.
The Key Features
Content Summarization is an AI-powered tool which generates short summaries for articles, videos on YouTube, blogs and more.
App Integration Universal: This feature works seamlessly across all platforms, including apps and websites. Users can summarize their content within the app or website of their choice.
The length of the summary can be customized. Users have the option to choose between a shorter version or a longer original one, depending on their preference.
Shareable summaries: Ability to easily share content in a summarized form with other users.
Stats: Displays statistics such as time saved, words saved, the number of summaries and reduction percentage.
Privacy Focused: Absence of tracking by third parties, no collection of personal information, and ads.
Shortify can be used without a Shortify account.
Demo video and support: Provides an overview of the functionality and a contact email for any questions.
Examples of Use:
People who are looking to reduce the time spent on consuming information from different sources.
Students or researchers who must quickly review large quantities of information.
These materials are ideal for professionals who have little time but want to remain informed, yet do not wish to spend hours reading or watching lengthy material.
Creators of content who must understand key points in reference material.
Users who are privacy-conscious and want a tool which respects both their personal data as well as their privacy.
The Shortify tool is an invaluable resource that allows users to understand content more efficiently and save time by converting it into concise summaries.

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