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SEO Assist




App description:

SEO Assist helps users to create SEO-friendly material, monitor their progress and establish connections. Features and uses include:
You can easily create good SEO friendly content by generating it without having to start from scratch.
Keep track of your SEO progress: Track and document all stats to see the progression month-over-month.
Create show notes with the help of a proven formula that will enhance your podcast and make it look great to search engines.
Resource for Backlinks and Connections: A comprehensive directory of podcasters seeking to connect with you, as well as pitch letters and other resources that will make it easier to reach out.
What it does:
Select the content type you would like to create in the Content Library.
Use the content flow to answer the questions.
Get generated content delivered to your email inbox. Copy and paste it onto your website, your emails, or any other desired location.
Use Cases:
You can easily create SEO-friendly content without having to start from scratch.
See SEO improvements month over month
Find podcasters to connect with and get backlinks.

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