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App description:

Seeqle, an AI-powered tool for recruitment and training, is a powerful AI solution that can be used by companies, agencies, staffing platforms and training institutions. This platform uses its database of more than 30,000 data points on HR to target active and passive candidates using a variety of platforms including social media, apps and websites.
The Key Features
Seeqle's AI-powered candidate targeting: Seeqle uses its extensive data on HR to target both passive and active candidates across various platforms.
Create attractive and personalized job postings with the AI-powered Job Posting Template generator. The template creator creates customized and appealing offers for different levels and positions.
Seeqle maximizes visibility by promoting job and training openings to candidates through their online daily activities.
Seeqle provides a personalized audience analysis tool to assist organizations in optimizing their HR marketing campaigns, and understanding the costs and expected results.
Schedule a Demo and Explore the Platform: Seeqle users can arrange demos and explore their recruitment needs.
Seeqle offers a variety of resources, including white papers, customer case studies, webinars, models and more, to help users with their recruiting and training.
Examples of Use:
Seeqle's ideal users are companies and organisations that want to improve their recruiting processes, increase candidate sourcing and make job and training positions more visible.
Seeqle is a great tool for training organizations to reach out and find potential candidates.
Staffing Agencies and Platforms: Seeqle’s AI-based capabilities help staffing agencies and platforms to efficiently connect candidates with available job positions.
Seeqle's AI-powered solutions for recruitment and training empower companies, agencies, staffing platforms and training organizations.

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