SDK Vercel

The AI Playground by Vercel is an online platform that allows users to build AI-powered applications using the latest AI language models.
SDK Vercel




App description:

Vercel AI Playground allows you to create AI applications by using the most recent AI language models. The platform offers a variety of tools to optimize models. For example, it has a Compare Mode that allows side-by-side comparisons and Optimize Mode which optimizes parameters.
The Key Features
AI Language Models: Access to OpenAI's GPT-3.5-turbo and Hugging Face's oasst-sft-4-pythia-12b-epoch-3.5 models for interactive use.
Comparative Mode: Compare the responses of multiple models to the same prompt.
Model parameters can be fine-tuned to improve performance in specific cases.
Vercel AI SDK : Open-source library which provides code generated automatically for connecting AI models with user applications.
Framework Support: Compatible with Next.js and SvelteKit frameworks.
Use immutable links to easily share your conversations with other people.
AI Application Development Made Easy: Designed to make it easy and fast for you to develop AI applications.
Examples of Use:
Build AI-powered applications and user interfaces.
Explore and experiment with AI Language Models.
Models can be fine-tuned for specific uses.
Share your thoughts and opinions with other people.
Develop AI applications with popular frameworks.
Vercel AI Playground, a multi-purpose tool for the creation of AI applications, is an innovative way to leverage state-of-the art language models.




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