ScriptMe is an advanced transcription tool that swiftly converts audio and video files into text-based formats.




App description:

ScriptMe, a transcription and subtitle tool powered by AI technology, is designed to simplify the conversion of audio and video formats into textual formats. ScriptMe's impressive features and friendly interface make it a great solution to transcribing or subtitling in different languages.
ScriptMe's extensive support for over 31 languages is one of its key features. The wide range of languages available allows users to easily transcribe their content into the language they prefer. The transcription and subtitle features are also faster than in real time, which saves users time.
Its intuitive interface allows for quick, efficient and accurate editing of the transcribed text. The platform allows users to make edits easily, which ensures that the output will be accurate and polished.
ScriptMe allows users to export transcriptions into a number of different formats. These include SRT (SubRip Subtitle), EBU STL, and SRT.
This tool is also equipped with powerful translation capabilities, which allow users to translate, subtitrate, or transcribe content into up to thirty different languages. Multilingual capabilities are especially valuable to content creators, as well as organizations that have a large global audience.
ScriptMe allows users to transcribe audio and video with incredible speed and accuracy. The ease-of-use, customization features and translation capabilities make it a must for those who are looking for high quality transcriptions and subtitles.

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