ScribeBuddy is an AI-powered tool that simplifies audio, video, and live speech transcription, translation, and subtitle creation.




App description:

ScribeBuddy, an AI-powered innovation, is designed to transform the transcription and translation of live and recorded speech, audio and video files, as well as subtitles. ScribeBuddy's advanced technology, combined with its user-friendly interface allows users to quickly transcribe files, generate subtitles and create written content.
The Key Features
AI-Powered Transcription: ScribeBuddy uses advanced AI technology for converting audio, video and real time speech to text.
Subtitle creation: The user can add subtitles to audiovisual material in any language. This increases accessibility.
ScribeBuddy offers transcription in more than 70 languages.
The Speaker Recognition tool allows you to identify the speakers in an audio or video recording.
Tags and organization: Tagging allows users to organize their transcriptions efficiently.
ScribeBuddy generates articles, blogs posts and other written material based on audio or video files.
Easy-to-Use Interface: This tool has been designed for ease of use and accessibility, without requiring any technical knowledge.
Money-Back-Guarantee: ScribeBuddy provides a money-back-guarantee of 14 days to ensure user satisfaction.
Examples of Use:
ScribeBuddy can be a great tool for those who want to convert audio and video files into written format.
ScribeBuddy is a great tool for video marketers. It simplifies the creation of subtitles, making it more available to a larger audience.
ScribeBuddy is a transcription tool for podcasters. It allows them to search and discover their episodes.
ScribeBuddy is a tool for coaches and mentors to convert recorded or live sessions or speeches into text, either as a reference or if they want to create content.
ScribeBuddy is a transcription tool for agencies and digital marketers. It allows them to produce content more efficiently, and increase their client's reach.
ScribeBuddy is a reliable and efficient solution to audio, live speech, video and translation transcription. ScribeBuddy's AI technology, range of features and AI-powered platform empower users to reduce time spent on transcription, increase audience and reuse content.




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