B2B platform to find buyers, competitors, and partners.




App description:, a B2B platform, combines predictive analytics and forensic intelligence to give users extensive information on buyers, partners, competitors and other potential customers. By utilizing real-time searches and valuable insight within the organization, this platform allows businesses to establish strong B2B relations up to ten times faster.
The Key Features
You can access extensive information on competitors and buyers.
Use predictive analytics for valuable insights to make better decisions.
Real-time Engine: Use a real time search engine to stay updated and find the contact details you need.
Get comprehensive company data: access descriptions of companies, information about their industries, lists of employees, emails associated with them, and coverage in the media.
Get valuable insight on the executives, investors and partners of organizations.
Analysis of the Technology Stack: Find out what technologies are used in companies. This includes website and software technologies as well as tracking tools, strategies, and services.
Examples of Use:
Build B2B connections with decision makers by using their real contact details.
Understanding the dynamics of organizations and their relationships will help you gain valuable insight.
Keep up to date with the most recent information by using data refresh and search functionality in real time.
Create strategic relationships with buyers, investors, and partners.
To support informed decisions, you can access comprehensive information about companies.
Understanding the technology stacks used by businesses for competitive analysis and strategic positioning., a B2B platform with forensic intelligence that provides predictive analytics and empowers businesses to make better decisions and improve their business relationships.




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