Rotor Videos

Rotor Videos is a tool that enables musicians to create professional-quality music videos, Spotify Canvas Videos, lyric videos, and more, without requiring video editing skills or production know-how.
Rotor Videos




App description:

Rotor Videos, an AI-powered music video creator designed for musicians who want to easily create videos of high quality and visual content. Rotor Videos' user-friendly design and AI technology empower musicians to make their music come alive through visually captivating content.
The Key Features
AI-Powered Video Production: Create professional music videos, Canvas Videos for Spotify, Lyric Videos and much more, without the need to have video production or editing knowledge.
You can customize your videos by using various filters, styles of editing, overlays and visual effects that are audio reactive.
A vast collection of high-quality video clips is available to help you tell your story visually.
Automated Music Synchronization : AI engine will automatically cut and sync the video to the music.
Social Media Optimization: Trim, add text and resize video to meet the requirements of different social media platforms.
You can choose from a variety of pricing options including credit for different lengths and bundles that do not expire.
Label-Friendly Feature: Monthly plans are available for music video, lyric and promo creation as well as YouTube channel management and design services.
Examples of Use:
Users who want to easily create music videos of professional quality, Spotify Canvas videos, lyrics videos and other visual contents.
Visually engaging videos are a great way for independent artists and bands to promote their releases.
The music industry and professionals require regular content management and creation for YouTube and their artist channels.
Rotor Videos, an AI platform powered by musicians, allows them to easily create visually captivating content. Rotor Videos' comprehensive features, flexibility in pricing, and availability to independent artists as well music labels make it a great tool for musicians who want to add professional visuals to their music.

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