is a 1-to-1 personalization platform that utilizes AI-driven visual recognition and specialized personalization tools to help ecommerce businesses increase sales and conversions.




App description:, an AI-driven platform for 1-to-1 personalized shopping, is designed to help ecommerce companies improve customer experience, boost sales and increase conversions. enables retailers to provide personalized online experiences and product recommendations by leveraging visual recognition techniques and specialized personalization methods.
The Key Features
AI-Driven visual recognition: AI algorithms are used to analyse customer behaviour and preferences using visual recognition.
Customized Product Recommendations : Offers product suggestions based on the preferences of each shopper.
Hesitant customer detection: This identifies customers that are more likely to abandon their purchase and provides targeted incentives in order to get them to complete the transaction.
Create tailored online experiences to each client.
Solutions based on industry: Provides recommenders to fashion, accessories, and cosmetics websites.
Static Exit Intent Banners: Engage visitors with customized messages and offers.
Visual AI Preference Analysis: Gains consumer insight to enhance personalization.
Use by top brands: Top brands like L'Oreal Lancome Kiehl's Shu Uemura and SOLE use this product.
Proven Results: Significant increases in order values, conversion rates, and revenue generated per visitor.
Examples of Use:
Businesses that sell online are looking to improve customer experience and personalization.
Websites devoted to fashion, accessories, and cosmetics that provide product recommendations.
Brands that want to increase their conversion rate and reduce churn through active engagement.
SMB sites and leading brands are interested in AI-powered tools for personalization.
Shopify and other top platforms for ecommerce in Asia. provides ecommerce companies with AI-driven tools for personalization to provide exceptional customer experiences, and increase sales.'s tailored product recommendations and Hesitant Client Detection help businesses build better customer relationships, improve key metrics, and increase sales.

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