ChatGPT trained on your data




App description:

Ribbo.ai, an AI tool, uses machine learning algorithms, ChatGPT, trained with your data, to create a chatbot that can answer questions in the context of documents, web content, blogs, and more.
The Key Features
Ribbo.ai creates a customized chatbot based on the data you provide, which allows it to respond contextually.
Machine Learning Algorithms : This tool uses machine learning algorithms that help it understand your domain better and increase the accuracy of the chatbot over time.
ChatGPT integration: Ribbo.ai uses the ChatGPT technology to understand natural language, and then generate intelligent responses.
Chatbots can seamlessly integrate into existing platforms such as customer service portals or websites.
Chatbot Self-Service: This chatbot is a way for users to self-service. It answers frequently asked questions, and provides instant feedback.
Examples of Use:
Chatbots can provide customer support by providing answers to common questions or product information. They can also guide customers through the troubleshooting process.
Chatbots can be used to help your employees search for information in documents, policies and procedures.
Support for your website: Integrating the chatbot on your site will allow visitors to get instant answers and improve their experience.
Automating FAQs: By automating frequently asked questions (FAQs), human agents can focus their attention on complex issues.
The chatbot can be used to help users find information in your articles, blog posts or documents.
Ribbo.ai enables organizations to use their data in order to deploy a chatbot which can give accurate and relevant answers within their domain.




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