Resume Worded

Get tailored feedback on your resume and LinkedIn profile.
Resume Worded




App description:

Job seekers can get tailored feedback from Resume Worded, an AI platform that provides feedback to resumes and LinkedIn profiles. The following are some of the key features and benefits:
The resume grader checks for the criteria that recruiters are looking for and provides personalized feedback.
Targeting resumes: Tailoring them to job descriptions will increase their relevance
Improve your profile to make it more visible among employers
Examples of bullet points for resumes and top-rated resumes in all industries and skill sets
You can use different examples of resume wording to cater for various people:
Improve your LinkedIn profile and resume for more opportunities
A tool for career coaches to help clients optimize their job search material
Education institutions that offer support for students' careers and improve student results
In general, Resume Worded offers a reliable solution to job seekers, professionals, and business owners who want to improve their LinkedIn profile and resumes, and land more interviews.




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