Rejuve is an innovative decentralized network that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and collective collaboration to advance longevity research.






App description:

Rejuve, a network powered by AI, is decentralized and aims to promote longevity research through a community of data providers, researchers, and clinics. Members can monetize health data, earn rewards and actively participate in breakthroughs in the field.
The Key Features
Decentralized Longevity Research Network: An international network of scientists, data providers, and clinics that collaborate to promote longevity research.
Earn rewards by sharing your health data securely.
Token-based Economy: RJV members earn tokens which can be used to redeem discounts for supplements, tests and therapies.
Longevity app: An all-in-one application for tracking and measuring lifespan, improving healthspan and giving personalized recommendations.
Advanced AI Tools: Includes AI technologies like the OpenCog Hyperon AI engine, Bayesian Expert Probabilistic Logic, and Generative Cooperative Network for enhanced research capability.
Partnerships: Collaborating with leading organizations working in longevity research, to enhance knowledge-sharing and collaboration.
Expert team: Lead by experts in the industry, such as CEO Jasmine Smith and Dr. Deborah Duong. Chief AI scientist Dr. Ben Goertzel is also part of this group.
Examples of Use:
Research on longevity and its contribution
Health data monetization
Health insights and personalized recommendations
Participants in the development and testing of longevity treatments
Lifespan and longevity tracking and improvements
Rejuve's AI-powered tools and personalized data insights empower individuals to take an active role in fighting aging. They also contribute to affordable, accessible and long-lasting longevity treatments.

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