Refact AI

Refact is a powerful self-hosted AI code assistant for JetBrains and VS Code
Refact AI






App description:

Refact is an AI-powered coding assistant that makes programming fun without jeopardizing privacy. The software offers a variety of features that help programmers maximize AI's power in their code.
The Key Features
Code completion: Refact offers code completion suggestions based on your context, such as classes, functions, programming patterns and libraries.
Improve Code: The Refact tool can detect areas that could be improved for clarity or efficiency, and can also identify bugs. It can then generate patches to correct them.
AI chat: Ask questions in plain language using Refact Chat. Get help writing code and without having to leave your IDE.
Transform and analyze code: Refact is able to analyse code complexity, and can explain lines of unclear code. Refact can also transform code into another language.
Refact is compatible with all modern languages.
Code privacy: Restricted access to certain files or projects in order to protect confidential or private files. Refact doesn't store any code in the server.
Cloud or on-Prem version: You can choose between a cloud-based or on-premises-based solution to control where you code is run.
Examples of Use:
Code completion enhancements and suggestions
Improve code quality to improve efficiency
Bug detection and fix assistance
Code analysis and transformation simplified
Code privacy and security

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