Recruitgenius is a hiring platform designed to streamline the recruitment process for HR professionals and startups.




App description:, an innovative platform for hiring that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize and simplify the recruiting process is aimed at HR professionals as well as startups.'s intuitive dashboard and advanced features streamline the candidate management process, scheduling interviews, and analytics all from one location.
The Key Features
Automates the extraction of relevant data from resumes. Eliminates manual data entry.
Interview Question Sets: Provides sets of questions for interviews tailored to different industries and roles.
Schedule interviews automatically, send reminders and manage the interview process.
Analyses and insights: Provides comprehensive analysis and insight to monitor recruitment performance.
GDPR compliance: ensures candidate privacy and data protection.
Plan types: Both free and paid options are available to meet the needs of different users.
Users can invite other users with different roles and responsibilities to share their responsibilities.
Easy-to-use dashboard: An intuitive interface is provided for candidate evaluation and management.
Examples of Use:
HR professionals who want to save time and streamline the recruitment process.
Small and startup businesses looking for a cost-effective and efficient hiring solution.
Automating repetitive hiring tasks allows recruiters to focus more on making strategic decisions and less time automating.
Companies looking to improve their consistency and efficiency in candidate evaluation.
Organisations looking for GDPR compliant hiring platforms with a focus on data privacy.
Looking for an easy-to-use dashboard that allows teams to schedule interviews and manage candidates. provides HR professionals with AI-driven recruitment tools that optimize the process. The platform's automated features, user-friendly interface and easy candidate management help streamline interview scheduling and evaluation. Users can recruit faster and more efficiently with its smart features.




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