RecipeGPT is an AI tool developed by Related Code that generates personalized recipes based on user input.




App description:

RecipeGPT, an AI-powered software tool created by Related Code, generates customized recipes using user input. RecipeGPT allows users to customize their recipe creation experience by specifying preferences such as food categories, genres, diet types, user conditions and ingredients.
The Key Features
RecipeGPT allows for highly personalized recipe creation. It generates recipes according to user preferences and input.
Dietary restrictions and preferences: The user can enter dietary requirements, ingredients, or other factors relevant to their needs. This will ensure the recipes generated are tailored for them.
Natural Language Processing: RecipeGPT uses NLP algorithms and deep-learning algorithms to interpret and understand user input and generate recipes that match the criteria.
Easy Accessibility: RecipeGPT is accessible through Related Code’s website. This eliminates the need to install additional hardware or software.
Innovative and Creative: This tool provides a variety of creative and diverse recipe options that allow users to experiment with new cuisines and techniques, as well as flavors.
Examples of Use:
RecipeGPT offers users a personalized cooking experience that is aligned with their cultural preferences and dietary considerations.
The user can easily generate recipes to meet specific needs, saving them time in meal planning.
RecipeGPT allows you to discover new flavors and cuisines by creating recipes that come from diverse regions.
RecipeGPT's personalized approach and innovative recipe generation offers an efficient and convenient solution to individuals who are looking for customized recipes.




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