Real Life 3D

Use AI to Convert Videos and Still Images to 3D for VR
Real Life 3D




App description:

Real Life 3D, an AI-powered software tool, converts 2D photos into 3D pictures for VR platforms such as YouTube VR or Oculus. The following are some of the key features and benefits:
A unique workflow harnessing the power of AI allows them to quickly process large numbers of frames at a low cost.
It is a time-saving solution that does not require a lot of human resources.
The ability to deliver content in 3D or VR formats, including side-by-side output, VR180 and anaglyph output.
The headset is ideal for both content creators as well as headset owners that want to create immersive moments from life-changing events.
Real Life 3D is the result of passionate creators, who are inspired by film and photography to tell stories.
Real Life 3D is used to transform 2D images for VR or 3D into more immersive experiences. This tool can be used for:
Creators of content who wish to create immersive experiences
Owners of VR headsets who wish to improve their experience
Anybody looking to transform their 2D standard images into immersive 3D and VR platforms.
Website provides details on how to use the tool, its benefits and a demonstration video. You can also contact the company for further information. Real Life 3D is a powerful tool that focuses on AI-powered 3D conversion.

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