ReadSpeaker is an AI voice innovation company that offers brands, agencies, and developers the technology to enhance customer experiences with custom digital voices




App description:

ReadSpeaker, a leader in AI voice innovation, specializes on providing advanced technology for brands, developers, agencies and other organizations to help them create engaging and immersive customer experiences using custom digital voices.
The Key Features
Create custom TTS voices: Customize the voices to match your brand identity.
Create digital voices that are personalized based on your individual voice characteristics.
TTS Voices Library: A comprehensive collection of TTS voices pre-built in 35 different languages.
VoiceLab Consulting - Tap into the expertise of industry experts and get guidance to leverage voice economy.
ReadSpeaker has offices around the world, so you can get local support.
Examples of Use:
Brands or agencies looking to improve customer experience by adding custom digital voices at their touchpoints.
The developers who are looking to integrate advanced TTS technologies into their apps in order to achieve lifelike speech interactions.
Voice cloning is a tool used by businesses to create a unique and recognisable voice.
To cater to global users, multilingual platforms and apps require a variety of TTS voices.
Companies that are interested in the Voice Economy and want expert advice on voice-related strategies.
ReadSpeaker offers a comprehensive set of AI-based voice solutions that enable businesses to deliver personalized and captivating customer experiences by using lifelike digital voices. ReadSpeaker's custom TTS voice, voice cloning technology, and voice library enable brands, agencies and developers to create engaging audio content for various platforms and devices.

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