Raw Shorts

Raw Shorts is a video editor and text-to-video maker that enables businesses to create professional explainer videos, animations, and promotional content for the web and social media.
Raw Shorts




App description:

Raw Shorts is an innovative video-editing and text-tovideo platform. It allows businesses to easily create explainer videos, animated content, and promotional material. The platform uses AI and machine-learning to streamline the video production process and save users time.
The Key Features
AI-Powered Storyboarding: Generate storyboards automatically based on input text.
Select media assets intelligently that match the script.
Text-to speech: convert text into voice for professional narration.
Animated Charts - Create engaging and dynamic visualizations of data.
Drag-and Drop Editor: Edit AI generated video rough cuts with ease.
AI Storyboarding and Media Matching: Reduce time and effort by using AI to assist with storyboarding.
Professional Quality: A vast collection of assets is available to create polished, engaging videos.
Easy to Use: A drag-and drop editor with an intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to use.
Wide Application: Create animations and promotional content on various platforms.
Major Brands Trusted:
Raw Shorts is trusted by many major brands including Capital One and American Airlines. IBM, Ocean Spray Ocean Spray, Nielsen Sony Pfizer, Sony Pfizer, Sony Pfizer, Sony Pfizer, Sony Pfizer, Sony Pfizer, Sony Pfizer. Many renowned brands have chosen Raw Shorts because of its ability to produce professional videos in a short amount time.
Raw Shorts AI-powered video editing and text to video maker allows businesses to elevate their marketing content, engaging audience and presenting complex ideas visually.

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