Ramadan Recipes

Ramadan recipe suggestions with customization options.
Ramadan Recipes




App description:

Ramadan Recipes, an AI-powered application offered by Islamiq.World, provides users a variety of ideas on how to prepare food for Ramadan. The search can be customized by the user based upon meal times, dishes, cuisines, dietary restrictions and cooking times.
The Key Features
Customizable search: Search for recipes based on the mealtime, type of dish, cuisine and dietary requirements.
You can refine your search by selecting the cooking time or ingredient list.
Discover recipes in Middle Eastern, North African and South Asian cuisines, as well as Mediterranean.
Quranic Quest & Hadithic Help: Additional Islamic resources.
Subscribe for daily inspiration via Quranic verses and Hadiths.
Examples of Use:
Explore a variety of Ramadan-themed culinary recipes.
Search for recipes based on the mealtime, type of dish, cuisine and dietary restrictions.
Search results can be refined based on the ingredients and cooking time available.
Discover the diverse flavors and cuisines of different cultures.
You can also access additional Islamic resources, such as Quranic guidance or Hadiths.
Daily Dawah is a daily inspirational resource that includes Quranic verses and Hadiths as well as recipes.
Ramadan Recipes by Islamiq.World is a great way to explore the culinary world during Ramadan.

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