Online quizzes creation with proctoring.




App description:

Quilgo, an online test platform with many features that enhance testing experiences, allows users to run tests and create quizzes.
The Key Features
Easy to use interface: Create quizzes, tests and other interactive content with ease.
Use the Question Randomizer to add variety and effectiveness to your quizzes.
Artificial Intelligence Proctoring Tool: Use smart camera monitoring and screen tracking to detect cheating.
Schedule and auto-submission: You can set start and end times and deadlines and turn on response submission to ensure a thorough testing process.
Integrate with Google Forms: Switch seamlessly from Google Forms into Quilgo Forms, without any coding.
Trusted by Thousands : Used in more than 80 countries by thousands of organisations.
No credit card needed to start the free 50-test plan.
Quilgo's Customer Service is excellent. You will receive prompt support and assistance from our team.
Examples of Use:
Online quizzes are easy to create and administer.
AI-based proctoring software can be used to prevent cheating and maintain the integrity of online tests.
Create your own quizzes by randomizing and shuffleing the questions.
Set deadlines and schedule tests. You can also enable automatic submission of responses.
Quilgo Forms allows you to seamlessly switch from Google Forms and Quilgo Forms, without any coding.
Quilgo provides you with the features and tools needed to create secure and effective assessments.




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