QuickQR Art

Scannable QR Art for your brands
QuickQR Art






App description:

QuickQR Art allows brands to generate QR codes that are scannable and have artwork embedded. This tool helps them create QR code experiences which are visually pleasing.
The Key Features
Create QR codes that have artwork integrated into them.
Customization options: Create QR codes using brand logos and illustrations. Add graphics, text, colors, shapes and more.
Enjoy engaging QR code experiences: Provide visually stunning and immersive experience when QR codes are scanned.
Brand awareness and engagement: Increase brand recognition and user engagement by using visually appealing QR codes.
Simple Interface: A simple interface to generate and customize QR codes.
Examples of Use:
Enhance product packaging by adding QR codes to the product that are visually pleasing and provide additional information about products or digital content.
Create visually appealing QR codes to be used on promotional material such as posters, flyers, brochures or business cards.
Use art embedded QR codes to create interactive campaigns and increase user engagement.
Scanning QR codes can be used to enhance brand activations and events. They provide an immersive experience.
QuickQR art is an innovative tool which combines QR code functionality with beautiful artwork.

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