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App description:

The Question Maker AI application uses AI to generate questions automatically from text that has been scanned or written. Users can edit, save and merge question papers and easily share them.
The Key Features
Automatic Question Generating: The Question Maker AI algorithm uses AI to generate intelligent questions from text that has been scanned or entered. The automated question-creation process saves you time.
It organizes generated questions into an editable paper. The user can edit the question or the format of the paper to suit their requirements.
Scanning or Typing: The user can scan the textbook text, or type manually to get questions. This tool allows for flexibility when capturing source material.
Offline functionality: Question Maker AI enables users to create question papers when offline. The feature allows users to work on question papers anywhere and anytime.
Save and merge question papers: The app allows users to save questions for future use. They can also merge their saved questions to make more thorough tests and assessments.
This tool allows users to shuffling the questions on a paper. The feature allows you to create multiple question paper sets with randomly ordered questions.
Share Question Papers: You can share your question paper with or without the answers. The feature allows users to easily distribute question papers among students, co-workers, and other stakeholders.
Examples of Use:
Teachers and Educators - Question Maker AI allows teachers to quickly and easily generate questions. The process for creating quizzes and tests is simplified.
Question Maker AI is a tool that allows students to self-assess and practice their knowledge. It generates questions from study materials. This helps students prepare effectively for their exams.
Question Maker AI can be used by tutors and coaching centres to create customized questions for students. They can provide practice for specific exams and evaluate their students.
Question Maker AI can be used by content creators to generate question papers in their educational material. Their productivity and scaleability is improved.
Question Maker AI, in summary is an AI application that automates the generation of question papers using scanned text or typed texts.




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