Questgen is a quiz generator that provides an authoring tool to create assessments like multiple choice questions (MCQs), true/false questions, and higher-order questions with just one click.




App description:

Questgen, a quiz maker powered by AI, allows users to create a variety of assessment types, such as multiple-choice questions (MCQs), false/true questions and higher-order assessments with just a click. Its sophisticated algorithms are based on years' worth of research into the field of edtech and allow users to convert any text in seconds.
The Key Features
AI Quiz Generator: Generates questions such as multiple-choice questions (MCQs), true/false, and higher order questions automatically with just one click.
Text-to Quiz: Transforms any text in seconds into a quiz, eliminating the requirement for manual assessment creation.
Assessment Export: Users can export quizzes as PDFs or texts for sharing and distribution.
Edtech-Exclusive algorithms: Based on research in the field of edtech, these algorithms ensure accuracy and relevancy when generating assessments.
Users: A wide range of users can be served, including teachers, school HR departments, textbook publishers and edtech firms.
Saves time and money: Offers an alternative that is more efficient than outsourcing the creation of assessments, which results in significant savings both in terms of cost and time.
Fresh and engaging assessments: Teachers and schools can create their own assessment each year by avoiding the use of fixed question banks.
HR Compliance Assessments: HR teams can create assessments for compliance based on documents.
Create assessments in-house: Helps publishers, edtech firms and other companies to enhance their content and generate assessments using an internal team.
Open-Source Libraries: The open-source libraries on GitHub provide transparency, and encourage further exploration and innovations.
Trusted By Users: Over 15,000 users have trusted the software, resulting in hundreds of thousands assessments.
Examples of Use:
Education Institutions: Schools and teachers can quickly create tests and assessments, and avoid repetitive questions.
Human Resources Departments: They can create assessments using compliance documents in order to make sure that regulatory compliance is maintained.
Textbook Publishers - Publishers are able to enhance the content they offer by using in-house assessments.
Edtech Companies Edtech companies are able to provide a useful tool for creating assessments that can enhance the educational experience of their users.
Questgen, a quiz maker powered by AI, is an incredibly versatile tool that can be used to create assessments for textbook publishers, educational institutions and other edtech firms. The powerful algorithms, the user-friendly interface and its impressive track record makes it an invaluable tool for those who want to optimize and streamline their assessment process.

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