Quazel is a language learning app that helps users achieve conversational fluency in foreign languages






App description:

Quazel, an app for language learning that uses AI technology to improve conversational fluency of foreign languages. Quazel's personalized language lessons and real-world challenges make it an effective and engaging learning tool.
The Key Features
Customized language courses to help improve fluency in conversation.
Real-World Quests : interactive quests that are themed on the user's interests to practice language.
Real-time feedback: instant feedback on vocabulary and grammar to improve language skills.
21 Languages Supported: A wide variety of languages are supported, such as English, Spanish and French.
App that adapts according to the user's skill level and style of learning.
It's convenient and cost-effective: Users can access the tutors from their mobile device at any time, anywhere. The price is a fraction that of traditional tutors.
Topics can be customized: The user creates unique conversations by selecting topics that are tailored to his or her interests.
The Language Learning Community is a Discord group for sharing feedback, events and features.
Examples of Use:
Individuals who want to become fluent in conversational foreign languages.
Learners of languages looking for a fun and engaging learning experience.
Travelers or expatriates who want to be able to speak a second language effectively.
The students are learning the language to achieve academic goals.
Professionals who wish to improve their language abilities for the sake of career advancement.
Quazel makes language learning a fun and engaging experience. Users can become fluent in a foreign language through personalized courses, quests based on real life situations, and feedback that is real time. Quazel is the perfect tool to start your journey of language learning.

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