QuantPlus is an advanced AI engine that transforms performance data into actionable insights for creating effective ads.




App description:

QuantPlus, a leading-edge marketing tool, allows marketers to design ads based on what they know works. QuantPlus is a cutting-edge tool that goes beyond traditional AI platforms and multi-variant platforms to provide insights which are relevant and most impactful.
The Key Features
Element-level Analysis: Provides insights on the performance of individual elements by analyzing ad creativity at an elemental level.
Use historical campaign data to gain in-depth insight.
Insights by Industry and Country: Provides insight into the creative elements that have proven to be effective in certain industries and countries.
Data-Driven Decisions: This helps marketers to make design decisions that are based on results.
Actionable insights: This tool provides detailed reports with recommendations on how to optimize ad creatives.
Examples of Use:
Advertisers and marketers who want to improve their creatives using data-driven insights.
Teams of creatives looking for recommendations that will improve the performance of ads.
Brands and agencies that want to know the factors of success behind successful ad campaigns across industries and nations.
Global businesses looking to gain insights on localized creative performance.
Marketers who want to improve ad performance by leveraging AI and historical campaign data.
QuantPlus transforms performance data to valuable insights that can be used for effective advertising.




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