Brainstormed, multilingual text, flexible presentations.




App description:

ProtoText combines AI-assisted features with brainstorming, note taking, multilingual text creation, flexible presentations and knowledge network construction.
The Key Features
AI-assisted Brainstorming : Use AI to assist in brainstorming sessions and improve idea generation.
Take notes efficiently and create multilingual texts within the app.
ProtoText features allow you to create dynamic presentations that are flexible and adaptable.
Knowledge Network Building: Create interconnected networks of knowledge to connect and organize information.
Project Content Management (PCM): Manage content for projects in a way that is easy to organize and retrieve.
Drag-and Drop Functionality: Text can be easily manipulated using the drag-and drop interface.
Translation and localization: Transliterate content in any language, while maintaining its original context.
Secure sensitive data using strong encryption, without the option of recovering passwords.
Real-world Case Studies: This includes support for image libraries, media organisation, knowledge bases and audio samples synthesis.
Open Source, Minimalistic and Private: ProtoText is an open source, minimalistic text editor that prioritizes privacy, functionality offline, minimalism, as well as an approach without ads and registration.
Examples of Use:
* AI-Assisted Brainstorming Sessions: Participate in AI-supported brainstorming sessions to enhance idea generation and collaborate.
The application allows you to compose content in several languages.
ProtoText offers a variety of features that allow you to create dynamic presentations.
Knowledge Organization: Create interconnected knowledge networks to organize and connect data.
* Improved Project Content Management - Streamline project content management for increased productivity.
ProtoText provides a wide range of tools and an intuitive interface that streamlines various tasks.




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