Protection Guard

Integrates advanced predictions into developer apps.
Protection Guard




App description:

PredictionGuard, an AI-based tool simplifies integration of the latest prediction models in applications. The tool uses an automatic selection of models to find the best model for any given problem.
The Key Features
Automatic Model Selection : This method identifies the best model to solve a particular problem by using an automated process.
Domain Support: Includes a variety of domains, such as question answering, sentiment analysis, image captioning and speech recognition.
Easy Integration: Provides instant access via a Python Client and REST API. This allows for easy integration of the service into any application.
Consistent API - Provides developers with a consistent and reliable API that shields them from the implementation complexity.
Reliability & Configurability: Access to many tested models that ensure reliability and customisation options.
Automatic Model Switching : If a model prediction is unsuccessful, the system automatically switches to the best next-best model. This ensures continuous service.
Customizable model selection: Allows developers to tailor the process of selecting models based on accuracy preferences or inference times.
Continued Model Updates - Stays on top of the latest AI models with continuous evaluation and incorporation.
Waitlist with Discounts: Provides discounts to early users who sign up for the waitlist.
Examples of Use:
Developers who want to incorporate state-of the-art predictive models in their application.
Businesses and organizations that require AI capabilities, such as speech recognition, sentiment analysis, image captioning and question answering.
Model implementation is not important to developers who are focused on reliability and integration of their application.
The tool is designed for users who want to optimize accuracy and inference times by selecting the best model for a specific problem.
Teams and individuals who want to leverage the most recent advancements in AI without having to constantly evaluate the models.
PredictionGuard provides developers with a powerful tool to incorporate predictive models in their apps.

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